Save your building, Save the Planet!

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The FinEERGo-Dom project implements guaranteed financing mechanism to renovate public and private buildings across 7 countries. We commit to financing community wellbeing, by focusing on the thing we all share, our homes.





Building renovation is key to creating a healthy future for us all. By creating safer, healthier homes, we are building a more sustainable future for us all.
The potential for energy efficiency savings and renewable energy through building renovation is immense. In Eastern Europe, the savings are even greater as building stock built before the 90’s did not require energy performance standards.



EU needs to reduce
building emissions by 88%-91%
Building stock responsible
for 36% CO2 emissions
26 million households living
in Multifamily Buildings (MFB),
in Poland, Austria, Romania,
Slovakia, Bulgaria and
70%-90% of these buildings
need renovation





Save your building, Save the Planet!