FinEERGo-Dom is an ambitious 4-year project that refines and implements guaranteed financing schemes for energy efficiency and renewable energy in deep renovations of buildings in Poland, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, and Bulgaria. The project builds on the experience of the Latvian Energy Efficiency Facility (LABEEF), the financial scheme deployed successfully in Latvia.

Where does this fit in?

At the EU level, the building stock represent an important aspect in the overall European energy efficiency strategy. The Energy Performance in Buildings Directive (EPBD, 2010/31/EU) through EU Directive 2018/844/EU, emphasizes the exemplary role of public bodies’ buildings. It requires a renovation strategy to be integrated into the NEEAPs (EED, article 4). EU member states must establish long-term renovation strategies to support the renovation of the national stock of buildings, including residential and non-residential. This is the FinEERGo-Dom team’s core objective through the implementation of a successful financing scheme across Eastern Europe.

How we do it?

Creating the financial ecosystem for building renovations to occur requires trust, communication and transparency among the diverse stakeholders.


Building Owners ESCOS Financial Institutions


We align stakeholders through our use of the multi-stakeholder platform SHAREX. The main aim of the platform is to facilitate the whole process of managing energy efficiency investment projects by managing the multiple stakeholders involved.


Scalability Security Efficiency

This allows for the agile collaboration between different stakeholders on the different levels and stages of an Energy Efficiency Project.