Test Post 2


We work with all types of stakeholders on the journey to building renovation. Discovering who are the stakeholders in this project remains a key objective in this project as we tailor our message and platform development to meet the stakeholders needs. We aim to reach stakeholders through social media and marketing campaigns, as well as events, meetings and workshops during the duration of this project. This will increase our reach to a global audience.



Stakeholders find out if their building qualifies for building renovation by contacting us and learning more about the FinEERGo-Dom project. We ensure that everyone has the needed information.



Now we have created a relationship among stakeholders. The interactions shift to in-person meetings. In-person interactions still are an integral part of project development, as the SHAREX platform masters data handling but building community and trust still requires person to person interaction.



Building renovation has occurred and now we must ensure that the user is satisfied with the results. The platform handles data management and analysis, making it simple for a user to login and, depending on the type of user, have access to certain data and information.





Here is an example of what a project might look like from beginning to end, securing financing, interacting with stakeholders and using SHAREX.




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