An interview with Ms. Naniova – Executive Director BACC & H2020 SHEERenov

Ms. Naniova is one of the most experienced experts in Bulgaria when it comes to renovation of multifamily buildings. In this interview we talk about the H2020 SHEERenov project, which she leads, as well as:

(i) the ways SHEERenov facilitates homeowners during their building renovation journey;

(ii) the SHEERenov model and the services it brings to the homeowners, e.g., investment grade auditing, technical auditing, and long-term affordable financing under the roof of a one-stop-shop (OSS);

(iii) major barriers and suggested changes in regulation;

(iv) SHEERenov integration in the Bulgarian Resilience and Recovery Plan (RRP);

(v) potential for synergies with our H2020 FinEERGo-Dom project, e.g., utilization of the SUNShINE online platform, involvement of ESCO companies in the process, etc.