FinEERGo-Dom in Search for Synergies with the H2020 REFINE Project

On the 24th of June 2021 the Austrian team of the FinEERGo-Dom project participated in a stakeholder workshop organized by the office for Energy Efficiency Services and Contracting Austria (DECA) in cooperation with the Horizon 2020 REFINE-Project. The topic of the workshop was refinancing models.

Refinancing models can be an interesting business opportunity. Different models were discussed that allow energy service providers to gain financial leeway for new projects and business growth. Selling receivables was an important topic during the workshop. Participants of the workshop were able to get some insight into initial experiences of the FinEERGo-Dom project with forfaiting in Austria.

Members of the REFINE-Project team gave a short overview of the project and explained how the refinancing of energy services work in practice. Basic concepts and case studies where presented. Furthermore important contractual arrangements for the refinancing of energy services was discussed and an overview of standardized contractual modules where given.